Sold By Gilda - Unethical real estate agent in Orange County

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Gilda Barbara Johnson

Tustin, California


Mrs. Johnson has handled real estate in our area for several years, but it wasn't until recently because of an economical downfall we had to sell our home and search for a reputable agent. Although we didn't know Gilda Johnson personally or by any referral, we had heard the name and visited her webpage. The entire experience was awful for my entire family to say the least. She seemed well educated with real estate, but the way she did business and how she conducted herself vocally was clearly shocking. I have never before in my life been so embarrassed after meeting someone! Only a few minutes into our first conversation she quickly started to share personal details about clients in the neighborhoods we had some interest. She learned of my pending divorce before our conversation and impatiently brought it up with my wife present only feet away and conducted herself in a very provocative manner the entire conversation. My wife was devastated but we looked past because we were anxious to sell and find a new home to work on saving our marriage. Disturbing contact continued because of my neglect to direct full attention to Mrs. Johnson's behavior the first day and I believe without any doubt she used her dissatisfaction of my complete disinterest when dealing with my wife to complete forms and the entire process. It was very emotional for her and we had to decide that our emotional well-being was important than rushing to sell our home with a unprofessional agent during a time when we had no extra time to search for someone reputable.

To add to our discomfort only two months after our involvement with Mrs. Johnson, my wife met a man at Starbucks who she overheard talking about Mrs. Johnson to the couple who filed the complaint on Sep 4. She gave them our information and asked that we be contacted if we could help in any way with their claims against Mrs. Johnson. I received a copy of their complaint by email and we have decided we will submit our experience and allow your board to handle her recourse.

We appreciate your time to look into this matter.


Orange, California

Review about: Gilda Barbara Johnson.

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